Wednesday, December 6, 2023

AWS Offers Clients Cloud and other IT Products and Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers clients cloud capabilities with 200 service features accessible from data centers worldwide. Startups, leading government agencies, and conglomerates rely on AWS to accomplish various tasks.

AWS has brought attention to a number of organizations that selected AWS cloud solutions as their primary cloud provider in 2023. In March 2023, Southwest Airlines Co. announced that it selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider while it continued its digital transformation. According to the March 2023 AWS press release, the platform was part of Southwest's plan to incorporate AWS cloud to improve the passenger journey, make operations run more efficiently, and invest in IT infrastructure.

Presently, the airline connects with its customers directly through its website and app, culminating in over 83 percent of the company's revenue coming from these sources. With AWS cloud, Southwest customers can process real-time fare searches on the website and app. Ultimately, the AWS platform allows customers to easily and quickly book fares, even during peak times.

Experian, the credit rating company, is another business that has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider. In this instance, the AWS cloud platform will assist Experian with implementing its multiyear IT modernization project. This initiative will involve Experian moving its business operations, on-premises servers, analytics tools, and consumer-services product to the AWS cloud. The AWS cloud will allow customers and businesses to access customized programs and real-time financial services.

These cloud services allow the credit rating agency to offer clients financial services through a secure IT infrastructure. Furthermore, Experian will gain from AWS's advanced services and the ability to use machine learning (ML) to process large quantities of data, allowing it to identify trends and offer consumers new products.

Outside of being chosen as a preferred cloud provider, companies are partnering with AWS to expand their architectures. For instance, Veriff adopted the AWS platform to reinforce its IT infrastructure. Veriff is an identity verification platform with many of the largest and leading FinTech, crypto, gaming, and other digital companies as clients.

A June 2023 AWS press release noted that identity-related fraudulent attacks climbed 17.2 percent in 2022. As the technologies become more advanced, those who commit identity-related fraud have also become adept at using advanced IT tools, with some using technologies such as generative artificial intelligence (AI) to steal identities, launder money, and access consumer accounts. Incidentally, generative AI is a type of AI where algorithms create human-like content, whether texts, images, graphics, computer codes, or music, among other content. Veriff plans to implement identification verification models quickly but securely to keep up with fraudulent behavior.

As it stands, Veriff can validate over 11,000 government-issued ID types from more than 230 countries and in 48 languages. In this case, the company will use AWS to provide more computing power. With AWS, Veriff can develop new identity verification solutions, and more consumers can access the services they need.

Finally, AWS is also developing products for consumers who use its platform. In another June 2023 press release, AWS announced it launched its Generative AI Innovation Center, which allows consumers to create and deploy generative AI solutions. The platform has invested $100 million in the Generative AI Innovation Center, allowing consumers to connect with AWS AI/ML experts to plan and launch new generative AI products and services.

This team of AI/ML data scientists, engineers, solutions architects, and strategists will help AWS customers harness the power of generative AI, whether assisting healthcare companies with accelerating drug research and discovery or helping manufacturers devise new solutions for industrial product design.

This particular program builds on Amazon's 25-plus years of AI experience. For more information on AWS or the above partnerships, please visit

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